Falkon: Your Strategic Technology Services Partner

Our partner-centric approach to Managed IT Services is both consultative and prescriptive. We truly value our client relationships and understand that the only way to win is together.

Our Consultive Approach

Workflow diagram of the managed IT services, covering the primary steps of need, consultation, implementation, and product support


They say the first (and often the hardest) step for a business owner to take is to admit that they might need a hand tackling the complexities of IT. Good news…that’s exactly what we’re here for.


Our partner-centric approach is consultative and highly collaborative. We’ll kick things off with a complimentary call and site visit (if needed) to help us tease out and understand specific needs, opportunities, and pain points.

Once we’ve established a firm understanding of the challenges, we’ll craft and present a proposal detailing the steps necessary to bridge the technology gap between a client’s current state and where they should be, addressing any immediate concerns or issues that could impact productivity or security.


With the approved proposal in-hand, we swoop into action, knocking out the highest priority items first to mitigate unnecessary risk. We understand that our clients have businesses to run and we work hard to minimize disruptions during the workday, often doing our work after hours so we’re not underfoot.

Maintenance & Support

Once the environment is stable, we shift into maintenance and managed support mode. We take proactive steps to ensure our clients’ technology environment is secure and running smoothly, including real-time system monitoring and response, malware monitoring and removal, software installation and configuration, along with a host of other activities.

Should needs arise, we provide extraordinarily prompt user support, both live and remotely via our helpdesk…which is locally staffed. Most support requests are resolved instantly through remote support.

Laptop and widgets set up by Managed IT services

Computer and VOIP Setup & Support

Set up and maintenance of your laptops, phones, and other devices sounds a lot easier (and less time consuming) than it is. Trust us.

Our talented team can handle all the technical heavy lifting so you and your team can focus on what’s most important. With both live support and remote helpdesk support capabilities, we’re here whenever (and wherever) you need us.

Managed IT services used to perform email data migrations

Email and Data Migrations

When you’re ready for faster email performance and stronger email and data security, our team can provide full-scale email and database migration solutions.

We handle everything from architecture, implementation, and day-to-day support of Microsoft SQL Server, ensuring that data is consistently organized and easily accessible so users can create, protect, read, and update records.

No matter your email hosting provider or size of organization, we can migrate all your data seamlessly, ensuring your business won’t miss a beat… or email.

Managed IT services used to implement networks across various devices

Network Design, Security, & Implementation

Your network is a key cog for your business, and it needs to work just as hard as you do. We look at all variables and your unique case (number of users, importance of uptime, wireless devices, equipment housing, etc.) and then design and implement a custom and robust solution based on your specific needs.

Managed IT services used to install software

Software Installation & Configuration

You have employees. And those employees have devices. And those devices have settings which need to be configured, software installed, security measures implemented, etc.

And when you hire or lose employees? You get to do the whole dance again.

Can we have this dance?

Managed IT services used to prevent malware

Malware Monitoring & Removal

Malware is becoming a more prevalent threat and can cripple a business. Our team specializes in identification, prevention, virus removal, and enhancing your network security to ensure you’re protected.

Managed IT services used to build, support, and secure the cloud

Build, Support, & Backup Virtual Server Solutions

Falkon provides a full suite of private and hybrid cloud hosting solutions though our datacenter partner in North Dallas.

This close relationship and proximity translates to numerous benefits for our clients, such as scalability, reliability, compliance, multiple deployment options, security, and the potential for significantly lower costs compared to on-premise hosting.

Private Cloud Benefits:

  • • Flexibility — Ability to customize your cloud environment to meet business needs.
  • • More control — Resources are not shared, resulting in better control and privacy.
  • • More scalability — Private clouds often offer more scalability than on-premises infrastructure.

Public Cloud Benefits:

  • • Lower up front costs — No need to buy hardware or software, and you pay only for the service you use.
  • • No hardware maintenance — Your service provider only needs to provide maintenance for the virtual environment.
  • • Near-unlimited scalability — On-demand resources are available to meet your needs.
  • • Reliability — A vast network of redundant servers and network devices help ensure against failure.

Hybrid Cloud Benefits:

  • • Flexibility – Take advantage of additional resources in the public cloud only as you need them.
  • • Cost-Effectiveness – Only pay for extra computing power when needed.
  • • Easy transition – Migrate to the cloud gradually, phasing in workloads over time.

Managed IT services used to monitor servers

Real-Time System Monitoring & Response

Real-time system monitoring is a critical IT function that can save money in network performance, employee productivity and infrastructure costs.

We’ll strategically monitor and report on problems on any kind of network, from wireless or wired, a corporate LAN, VPN, or service provider WAN. After analyzing the findings, we will look for ways to optimize data flow and access.

Managed IT services used to protect against hackers

Penetration Testing

These days hackers know no limits. To ensure your network stays safe, our team of experienced IT experts will perform penetration tests. These are simulated cyber-attacks against your computer system to check for vulnerabilities that hackers would want to exploit.

Should anything be found, we’ll design a solution to correct the issue, and implement additional security measures to keep your system safe and sound.

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