Custom App Development

If you can dream it, Falkon Technologies can design, build, launch, and scale it. Let our talented team of designers and developers bring your mobile app to life. We design, develop and support fully customized, scalable mobile apps that can be easily adapted as your business needs change.

Custom App Development

We combine beautiful UI design with user-centric UX to create products that are not only highly functional, but extremely engaging.

Why Build an App?

generate new leads

Generate New Leads

Creating an app for your business drives sales since your app will be visible to more users across target regions, providing a personalized experience.

boost your brand

Boost Your Brand

The more your brand is in front of your customers, the more interest they’ll have in your brand, products, and business.

direct reach to customers

Direct Reach to Customers

Reach your customers directly through the app itself or push notifications. The data collected from user sessions can also help improve your marketing strategy.

mobile usage is increasing

Mobile Usage is Increasing

Mobile phones are light, very handy, easy to carry, and always with us. Apps can also use device features for an even richer experience.

grow sales

Grow Sales

A mobile app is a great way to improve sales through freemium or premium subscription models, and transactions can happen much more quickly.

Things to Consider


Your Technology Partner

One of the most crucial things to do while creating an app is collaboration with a good, knowledgeable technology partner. The right technology partner can assess your needs and present a technical solution inclusive of UX, UI, frontend, backend, database, hosting, and scalability solutions.


Android or iOS

First, make a deep analysis of your targeted audience and check out what types of smartphones are being used within that group, knowing it’s perfectly fine to build for both Android and iOS. Also make sure you and your technology partner understand the different guidelines for uploading your mobile app on the Google Play Store and App Store.


Cost and Timing

Many thing affect the cost and timeline of an app, such as core features, API integrations, storage required, which platform(s), the region, and expected users and scalability. The cost of the mobile app is directly proportional to the time it takes to develop. Generally, apps can take 6-12+ months to complete (from initial idea to launch), and cost starting around $25,000.

What does it look like?

Apps products can come in many shapes and sizes. This example is an iOS and Android app called Cosee. Cosee lets you easily plan and organize your home and landscape projects while seamlessly collaborating with every contractor, designer, and team member. With Cosee, you can quickly upload and tag images from anywhere (desktop or mobile), create moodboards, and export a full project spec sheet in a single tap that keeps everyone on the same page. Its collaboration made easier than ever before.


Initially, the app was built under a different name by a different company, but it was a struggle to control the numerous bugs and quirks of the app, forcing many users to abandon the app, so Falkon Technologies stepped in to re-build the app.

Our goals were to 1) Improve the home project planning process’ organization and efficiency, 2) fix all existing bugs for a better user experience, and 3) maintain and grow user retention.

We first examined the current UX/UI, which showed us it really wasn’t too bad to begin with, but the app could be better served with a new name and brand.

Branding: After numerous brainstorming and branding sessions, we renamed the app Cosee, standing for: capture, organize, share, everything, everywhere. It also has a double meaning, representing a place where people can come and see everything they need, all in one place.


UI: A significant part of this app is being able to add photos and create moodboards for your projects. We wanted to keep a simplistic interface so it would not compete with the users’ photos. We stuck to black, white, and grey as the primary colors, ensuring that any photos the user added would be the star of the show since they would be the only color in the app.


Base Features: Falkon developed Cosee to come in 4 levels of account tiers, starting with a free account, and up to an Enterprise account for businesses who need to run multiple projects at once. All Cosee accounts have access to be able to create a project, tag unlimited images, add collaborators, create moodboards, and set your personal settings. We also developed Cosee to integrate seamlessly between devices, on or off Wi-Fi, so users can work on projects from anywhere.


Upgraded features: With the PRO plan or higher, users are able to create 30 projects, invite unlimited collaborators, customize Cosee to their own logo, and have access to Cosee’s image background removal tool within the moodboard feature. This background removal tool lets users easily toggle on and off the background to any photo to a very detailed degree, giving you a transparent image that can be stacked and arranged to create the perfect moodboard for their project. Falkon ensured all paid plans were integrated with a secure API to ensure a safe and protected transaction.


Website Design and Development: Falkon also designed and developed the website to help drive traffic to the app and provide information about the app.


Administrative Portal: Falkon developed an administrative portal for Cosee staff to go in and manage users and view any messages sent from within the app.

Why Falkon?

falkon technologies

Falkon has extensive experience building enterprise-grade mobile apps that are scalable, drive growth, and create market disruption. We recognize that business needs vary by partner and industry, which is why a “one size fits all” approach rarely works. Our custom development expertise and experience allows us to ensure the that the solution we build together addresses the complex and unique requirements of your business.

Our team is well-versed in standardized technology stacks and we offer end-to-end app development solutions and post development support. With Falkon, you’ll never be short on developer muscle.

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